TOPRO Step in rehabilitation: Get back on the stairs faster. Be independent again more quickly.

TOPRO Step in rehabilitation. Neuroscience can now prove that rehabilitation is all the more successful the earlier mobilization is started. Another point that should not be overlooked is the fact that therapy now attempts to allow patients to participate in normal life and everyday activities at an early stage, because we humans are social beings. This is therefore essential for rapid rehabilitation.


Movement not only means more independence but also freedom

Particularly after a fall on the stairs and an associated fracture of the neck of the femur, for example, or after strokes of fate such as a stroke, the musculoskeletal system often needs to be trained - the keyword here is gait rehabilitation.

Neuroscience can now prove that rehabilitation is all the more successful the earlier mobilization is started. Another point that should not be underestimated is the fact that therapy now attempts to allow patients to participate in normal life and everyday activities at an early stage, because we humans are social beings. This is therefore essential for rapid rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation of walking function

There are numerous aids that are used in gait rehabilitation. These include robotics-supported gait trainers and end effector devices that help patients relearn how to walk. However, these are only used to support traditional gait training with therapists, as they cannot completely replace them. The situation is similar with gait training on the stairs.

Depending on the severity of the restricted mobility, the patient may receive support from therapists when training on the stairs, and in rehabilitation centers, training is not carried out without a therapist anyway. In addition to therapists, TOPRO Step can be used as a therapy device for stair training and as an everyday aid for climbing stairs.

Rehabilitation with TOPRO Step

TOPRO Step not only serves as a stair climbing aid in your own home to accompany you safely and supportively when climbing stairs, but is already actively used as a therapy device in many rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes and retirement homes. The smart design not only helps the patient, but also ensures that the therapists who train patients to climb stairs receive support. The grab rail can be used both in front of and behind the patient.

TOPRO Step information video

TOPRO Step in front of the user

If the grab rail is placed in front of the patient, the patient can hold on to it, giving them the support and security they need to climb the stairs safely. When climbing the stairs, the patient can pull themselves up by the grab rail if necessary, without having to use all their strength on their arms.

If the railings on the right and left are used instead of the TOPRO Step, the force is usually not on the legs but on the arms. As a result, the patient does not experience the physiological process of climbing stairs and the leg muscles are not strengthened to the same extent as with the TOPRO Step.

This is due to the posture, as you can stand upright with a support directly in front of your body. It also improves your core muscles and posture at the same time.

When going down the stairs, the patient can also hold on to the grab rail and therefore has both physical and mental safety when climbing stairs.

Patients who need to train or relearn how to climb stairs are often afraid of going down them - it can be compared to a steep slope or a mountain from the top of which you look down into the depths. If you have the TOPRO Step in front of you, you prevent a possible fall and can descend the stairs more safely and relaxed.

TOPRO Step behind the patient

The grab rail can also be used behind the patient, especially in a therapeutic situation. When walking up the stairs, this serves to secure the patient against falling backwards and therefore supports both the patient and the therapist, who accompanies the patient from behind.

Rehabilitation with or without a therapist

Depending on the severity of the illness or diagnosis, the TOPRO Step can be used as a therapy device with or without the support of a therapist. In Germany and Austria, TOPRO Step is used in rehabilitation centers and retirement homes to keep seniors more active and encourage them to climb the stairs independently. In the long term, this offers the great advantage of maintaining mobility and independence.

We visited the Geerlofs Rehabilitation Center in Pforzheim, where the TOPRO Step stair climbing aid has been installed since summer 2017. The therapists there regularly work with the TOPRO Step as a supportive aid to practise climbing stairs with patients such as Dmitri Tschatschin, who has been in a wheelchair since 2016 due to incomplete paraplegia.

He tells us the following about training with the TOPRO Step: " When you're in a wheelchair for a long time, it's a stupid habit to do everything with your arms. You shouldn't really be doing that. TOPRO Step's big advantage is that you have to do a lot with your legs for therapeutic purposes and that's what's important." Read Dmitri's story.

Dmitri Chachin photo
Screenshot 2 from the video shows Dmitri's rehabilitation and his stair training

Sick after surgery

We spoke to Barbara from Weimar about using the TOPRO Step as a therapy device at home. Barbara has been in a wheelchair since 2015 after she caught the so-called hospital germ (MRSA germ) following knee prosthesis surgery. After around ten operations over the last three years, she is now finally able to take a few steps independently again thanks to her unwavering will. Barbara has had the TOPRO Step installed in her home since summer 2017 and uses the stair climbing aid regularly with the support of her husband Rudi. The two of them train together to climb stairs and Barbara saw good progress after just a short time. Read Barbara's story.

For all ages

TOPRO Step can be used as a training device for both adults and children. Our youngest user, Peder, is six years old and suffers from cerebral palsy (CP). Until now, he has not been able to climb the stairs at all. Now that he has TOPRO Step installed in his home, he can go up and down the stairs all by himself.

However, not only has his gait function improved considerably, but also his mood. Peders mother also told us that his core muscles and posture have changed for the better thanks to the regular use of TOPRO Step in their home.

Peder's mother reports: " After my son started using the TOPRO Step regularly, we noticed a big difference when climbing normal stairs. He has a lot more core muscles and his posture has improved a lot." Continue with the Peders story.

Peder stands on the stairs and smiles
Peder walks up the stairs and smiles

This shows that TOPRO Step makes a positive contribution to muscle development and motivates people to keep moving. TOPRO Step removes any physical or psychological hurdles and makes climbing stairs physically and mentally safer.

By using the TOPRO Step regularly, the patient slowly rebuilds their muscles or maintains the muscles they already have. This makes a huge contribution to improving balance and thus reducing the risk of falling and ensuring safer walking.

Why choose TOPRO Step?

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Adaptable to your staircase

TOPRO Step is designed so that it can be easily adapted to your staircase. It can be installed on straight stairs, curved stairs and stairs with a landing.

Fits perfectly in any home

Ask your health insurance company about the possibility of cost coverage or possible subsidies. Please note that these options are country-specific and individual.

Up to 5 years warranty

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