Staircase aid for better and more efficient rehabilitation [Report]

Jakob Rønningen had no objections when the stair climber was ready for use in the care home. "The device looks good and is robust. I felt safe," he said after walking up and down the stairs once.


Holmestrand (small coastal town south of Oslo)

This clever device for safe walking on stairs was purchased here to enable faster and more efficient rehabilitation for patients. The rehabilitation center is well-equipped with elevators, but this stair climbing aid contributes to movement and also to more people getting home earlier from rehab.

Jakob Rønningen

Student idea

The inventors of the TOPRO Step stair climber are Halvor Wold, Ingrid Lonar and Eirik Medbø. They came up with the idea for the TOPRO Step stair climber as students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

"We started in 2012 with a few simple sketches. We realized that the existing solution was that people were no longer walking on stairs, and that was not a good solution. And we know that climbing stairs is a good workout. We imagined how to walk on stairs, and after many tests, mistakes and progress, we came up with this prototype," says Ingrid Lonar.

"Simple, mechanical, and you have to climb the stairs yourself. Everything at your own pace. When you move the handle, you can feel it click into place and then you can pull your legs up. A solution that has even been praised by the fire department. You can even use the stairclimber in the event of a power cut," she explained.

First installation in Holmestrand

"This is the first installation in Holmestrand, there is one at the health facility in Re and one in Sandefjord. Around 200 have now been sold throughout the country. About 100 of them are for home use," she added.

Together with Øyvind Andreassen from Hepro AS, she showed the residents of the nursing home and others from Holmestrand municipality the stair climber. Everyone was impressed by the ease of use and the small footprint compared to a stairlift - the TOPRO Step stairlift stands just 18 cm from the wall when the handle is folded in. A stairlift takes up the entire width of the stairs and is also at a completely different price level.

"This is great for rehabilitation, where stair training is very important for those who want to live at home," says Solfrid Nilsen, head of the Welfare Technology project at Holmstrand Municipality.

TOPRO Step Team

The three engineers from Trondheim were applauded for their student project, which became a company.

The TOPRO Step stair climber was developed at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in collaboration with the Norwegian Parkinson's Association.

"Our aim with the TOPRO Step stair climber was to enable more people to lead an active life, independent of the help of others," says CTO Ingrid Lonar, adding that many people are unfortunately forced to move away from home when the stairs become insurmountable.

Facts about stairs

  • Every year, around 50 people die from falling down stairs in Norway alone (source: Statistics Norway)
  • 30,000 Norwegians need medical assistance after falling down stairs (Source: Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research)
  • 25% of people over 65 feel unsafe climbing stairs
  • Older people who manage to walk up the stairs have a demonstrably lower risk of falling in everyday life.

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