Torstein climbs the stairs with the stair climbing aid at the Lamartunet Rehabilitation Center

The stair climbing aid has now been installed at the Lamarktunet rehabilitation and retirement center for a one-year trial period. Torstein Lien is 91 years old and now somewhat unsteady on his feet. But now he has the opportunity to practise climbing stairs independently. (This is a translation based on an article by Trond K. Johansen, originally published in Bladet Vesterålen on July 11, 2018)

Torstein was a letter carrier for over 30 years and occasionally even had to wear snowshoes to get to the letterboxes. But that was at a time when the mail had to arrive - no matter how. He now lives in the Lamarktunet retirement home in Sortland.
He willingly volunteered to test the stair climbing aid when it was installed in the retirement home and was to be demonstrated to the public.

A short introduction and a test run were enough to get Torstein used to using the stair climber. He uses the TOPRO Step stair climber so lightly and only had a little help and support. And to make sure he got his daily workout, he went up and down three times.

The stair climbing aid is a good way to train for the stairs every day and to climb them independently. Instead of taking an elevator, you can now safely walk up the stairs without having to worry about falling. "The stair climbing aid keeps you stable and is very easy to use," explains Marit Brenna Hansen, occupational therapist at the Lamarktunet rehabilitation and retirement center.


His grandmother needed support

Halvor Wold, co-founder and CEO of AssiTech AS, personally came to the Lamarktunet rehabilitation and retirement center to install the stair climbing aid. He developed the TOPRO Step stair climbing aid together with three of his fellow students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) - the stair climbing aid is now being produced in Trondheim. The TOPRO Step stair climber is sold and installed throughout Norway, but this is the first installation in Vesterålen and the Lofoten Islands.

Halvor Wold: Co-founder of AssiTech AS

"The idea and the development process started because I have a grandmother who needed help climbing stairs. So I wanted to develop something that would help her to help herself. I then developed this idea further together with a group of fellow students at the university," Halvor Wold tells the newspaper Bladet Vesterålen.

"Stroke patients in particular use the TOPRO Step stair climbing aid, but so do people with muscle diseases or other conditions that make it difficult for them to climb stairs themselves. With an aid like this, you become more independent and are safer on the move at the same time. It is so easy to use that anyone can learn how to use it," says Wold.

The stair climbing aid does not require any electrical connections, no electricity is needed, but your own strength helps you to go up and down the stairs.

You push the stair climbing aid in front of you when climbing stairs. If you are in danger of falling, the device catches you or you can hold on to it until you are stable again. People of all ages use and benefit from the stair climber - from a six-year-old boy to a 90-year-old man.

Halvor and Torstein together at the Lamarktunet rehabilitation center

"The stair climbing aid helps me to use my stairs"

It's good news for Torstein Lien. The TOPRO Step stair climbing aid will help him to be more active in everyday life.

"Now I dare to walk up the stairs without help, and that means I can exercise and stay in shape," he says.

His occupational therapist is convinced that this device will encourage the residents of Lamarktunet to become more active. They may need a little push to get going, but once they see that it's safe and they can do it themselves, it's no problem.

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