6 tips for buying a stair climbing aid

Are you looking for a stair climbing aid? Find out here what the 6 most important tips are before buying.


What exactly is a stair climbing aid?

For senior citizens or people who have difficulty walking or are severely restricted in their ability to walk, stairs are a particular challenge in everyday life. A suitable stair climbing aid can therefore be a sensible purchase to help them master everyday life independently and regain some of their zest for life.

A stair climbing aid is therefore a stair climbing aid that supports people with limited walking function in their daily stair climbing.

TOPRO Step is a purely mechanical stair climbing aid for senior citizens and anyone with limited function. The climbing aid supports and secures you when climbing stairs - so you can remain active and independent.

The TOPRO Step stair climbing aid is an innovative product for all people who have difficulty climbing stairs. It supports and secures you during daily stair climbing at home, so that you can maintain your independence, master your everyday life without external or additional help and continue to be active.

The TOPRO Step mechanical stair climbing aid consists of two important components: the rail system or handrail and the grab rail.

The complete rail system is installed on the wall along the staircase. The grab rail is attached to the handrail and moves along the handrail and the locking rail when in use.

The patented locking mechanism significantly reduces the risk of slipping and falling, because as soon as you apply pressure to the grab rail, it locks and provides you with the necessary support and safety.

Thanks to the elegant and high-quality design of the TOPRO Step, the stair climbing aid blends discreetly into your home and takes up very little space, because when folded, the TOPRO Step stands just 18 cm from the wall.

Both the handrail and the grab rail are made from high-quality, sustainable materials such as stainless steel and anodized aluminium.


How does a stair climbing aid work?

Up the stairs

When going up the stairs, hold on to the lower part of the grab rail.

  1. Move the handlebar one arm's length away from you, forwards and upwards. Your arms should be fully extended.
  2. Now take a step up the stairs.
  3. Repeat this for each step.


When descending the stairs, hold on to the upper part of the grab rail.

  1. Lift the outer edge of the handle slightly.
  2. While the grab rail is raised, push the grab rail a full arm's length away from you.
  3. Once you have lowered the grab rail and it has locked into place, you can take a step downwards.
  4. Repeat this for each step.

TOPRO Step is very easy to use and does not require an attendant, as the system works completely mechanically. After installation, you will receive a thorough introduction to handling and detailed instructions to ensure that you can use TOPRO Step on your own without difficulty.

People who are dependent on a wheelchair and need help getting up and down stairs can use an electric stair climber with an integrated seat, for example. This is a mobile stair climbing aid or a mobile stair climber that can also be used in public buildings.

However, to be able to climb stairs with this type of stair climbing aid, you need an accompanying person.

TOPRO Step information video

Who is a stair climbing aid suitable for?

TOPRO Step is particularly suitable for people and senior citizens who have difficulty climbing stairs on a daily basis. The stair climbing aid not only provides support and safety when climbing stairs, but can also be used for daily training.

It is used, for example, by people who, due to:

are restricted in their walking function.

TOPRO Step stair climber - use up stairs

What does a stair climbing aid cost?

The final price depends on various factors, but the cost is mainly determined by the type of staircase you choose.

Other influences on the price are, for example

  • the course of the stairs
  • the conditions on site, such as the material of the wall or any differences in depth in the wall
  • the number of curves
  • the length of the required rail system and
  • the desired equipment (e.g. bag hooks).

It is possible for the care insurance fund to cover the costs.

It is essential that

  • you are a member of a statutory health insurance fund and
  • you have an official care degree.

Contact your care insurance fund before making the purchase in order to submit a corresponding application if you do not yet have a care degree.

The amount of possible subsidies for measures to improve the living environment different from country to country.

Even if there is no guarantee that your insurance company will pay for stair climbing aids, persevere. So don't be put off straight away if your insurer rejects your application. This applies to two groups of people in particular:

  • People in need of care. Due to the BSG ruling of 2014, long-term care insurance companies may be obliged to provide care to the person in need of care,
  • People with low incomes and assets. If they are able to participate independently in everyday life again thanks to a stair climbing aid, the social welfare office is responsible and may be able to cover the costs.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on this topic. Our product experts will be happy to assist you.

What are the advantages?

  • No building permit is required
  • High reliability, as TOPRO Step is 100% mechanical and works even in the event of a power failure
  • No customization necessary as TOPRO Step is a modular system
  • 2 weeks delivery time from acceptance of offer
  • No maintenance contract necessary

What should you look out for when buying?

We recommend:

  • Extensive advice from our product experts
  • and a test run to ensure that the stair climbing aid is the right solution for you.

So you can be sure that TOPRO Step is the right solution for you and your loved ones. Get in touch with us.

Why choose TOPRO Step?

Installation in 3 steps

To carry out an on-site inspection and receive a quote, make an appointment with us. Once you have accepted the quote, we will carry out the installation, which usually only takes a few hours. .

TÜV tested and certified

TOPRO Step is TÜV-tested and certified and meets all functional and safety requirements.

Adaptable to your staircase

TOPRO Step is designed so that it can be easily adapted to your staircase. It can be installed on straight stairs, curved stairs and stairs with a landing.

Fits perfectly in any home

Ask your health insurance company about the possibility of cost coverage or possible subsidies. Please note that these options are country-specific and individual.

Up to 5 years warranty

TOPRO Step means TOPRO quality. When you buy a TOPRO Step, you receive a guarantee of up to 5 years.

Over 2,000 satisfied users

We measure success by satisfied customers, which is our top priority. We already have over 4,000 satisfied users throughout Europe.

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