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What is TOPRO Step?

TOPRO Step is a mechanical product without the use of electricity. It consists of a handrail and a handle that is pushed along the handrail.

In the event of leg instability, the handle provides support until the next step can be safely climbed. TOPRO Step provides the extra support and safety needed to continue using the stairs without assistance.




Lower bills

Roll module

Folding mechanism

TOPRO Step Design

In our design process, we have focused on ensuring that the TOPRO Step stair climber blends in naturally with your home. For this reason, we use attractive and sustainable materials such as natural anodized aluminium and stainless steel.

The handle can be easily folded away when not in use. In this way, AssiStep does not take up any space on the stairs and is not in the way of others using the stairs.

User groups

TOPRO Step is now used by users of all ages, illnesses and/or injuries.

These include senior citizens, children, stroke patients, people with injuries, neurological diseases and users with long-term cancer. All users have one thing in common: they need some support and safety to be able to continue climbing stairs independently.

Straight or curved staircase?

Staircase variants

TOPRO Step can be easily adapted to most staircases, regardless of the angle, the wall material or the top and bottom of the stairs. The stair climbing aid can be installed in just a few hours - no conversion or planning permission required.

Installation examples

Straight staircase

Straight staircase

U-shaped curved staircase

U-shaped curved staircase

90 degree curved staircase

90 degree curved staircase

Extension above: L-curved staircase w. post

L-shaped staircase with landing

L-shaped staircase with landing

U-shaped staircase with landing

U-shaped staircase with landing

TOPRO Step use

One handle, many possibilities

The handle is ergonomically designed and can be adjusted to suit your height. The ergonomic shape allows you to comfortably grip the handle at different heights in both directions. Choose the grip that feels most comfortable for you and gives you the greatest feeling of safety.

1. standard handle

The most common way to push the handle is with both hands left and right on the handle. handle.

2. combine handle and handrail

If you move the handle downwards, it can be helpful to grip the handrail with one hand

3. one hand

TOPRO Step can be pushed both upwards and downwards with one hand. We recommend placing your hand in the middle of the handle when pushing or moving it up or down.

4. vertical handle

When descending, some users prefer to grip the side of the handle with one hand. This may make it easier to tilt the handle when it needs to be moved downwards.

TOPRO Step Installation

Three steps to the TOPRO Step

Trust is just as important to us as it is to you. We therefore take great pride in how we sell, deliver and service the TOPRO Step in your home. From the moment you contact us, we will do everything we can to live up to the high standards we set ourselves.

On-site inspection

Simply contact our team, who will get in touch with you immediately to arrange an inspection appointment.


Our product advisor will be happy to provide you with a quote for the TOPRO Step and help answer your questions.


A TOPRO Step installation usually takes a few hours and is normally carried out by one person.

Brochure TOPRO Step PDF

Technical information

Maximum user weight

120 kg

Height of the user

1,05 - 2,20 m

Diameter of the railing

4.2 cm

Width with folded handle

18.4 cm (20.4 cm with back plate)

Distance of the railing to the wall

9.6 cm

Width with handle folded out

55.2 cm (57.2 cm with back plate)

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