Staircase variants

Can TOPRO Step be installed on my stairs?

TOPRO Step can be easily adapted to most staircases, regardless of the angle, the wall material or the top and bottom of the staircase.

As TOPRO Step is assembled from modules that we have in stock, the delivery time after ordering is short. You should not have to wait long to be able to climb stairs safely! The delivery includes a regular and robust handrail, which is simply mounted on the wall.

The handrail is only 10 cm from the wall and the folded handle is just 18 cm. Therefore, no planning permission or major intervention in your home is required to install TOPRO Step. TOPRO Step is only suitable for indoor use.

Below you can see installation examples of the TOPRO Step and possible solutions for different staircases, walls and space at the top and bottom of the stairs found in most homes in Germany.

Installation examples

Straight staircase

U-shaped curved staircase

L-curved staircase

U-shaped staircase with landing

L-shaped staircase with landing

External staircase (covered)

Brochure TOPRO Step PDF

Technical information

Maximum user weight

120 kg

Height of the user

1,05 - 2,20 m

Diameter of the railing

4.2 cm

Width with folded handle

18.4 cm (20.4 cm with back plate)

Distance of the railing to the wall

9.6 cm

Width with handle folded out

55.2 cm (57.2 cm with back plate)

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