How Barbara (68) regained her independence with the TOPRO Step stair climber


Barbara's story began around three years ago in 2015 when she had one of her knee prostheses replaced. She caught a serious infection and has been battling this multi-resistant germ ever since. Barbara has had a total of ten leg operations in the last three years. Barbara's most recent operation took place in February 2018 - this time Barbara is finally on the road to recovery. The condition of her leg is improving every day and she is already able to walk and climb stairs slowly but surely. After three years of not being able to walk at all, Barbara now has to gradually rebuild her leg muscles.

Without the TOPRO Step stair climber, I had to decide in the morning whether I wanted to stay on the first floor or the second floor.

 - Barbara (68)

TOPRO Step stair climber was installed for the Mocker family in summer 2017

Barbara uses the TOPRO Step stair climber together with her husband Rudi for her stair training. She feels completely safe and recommends the TOPRO Step stair climber to anyone who has difficulty climbing stairs.

She tells us:

"My husband walks beside me while I hold on to the stair climber and step by step we walk up the stairs together. If I don't make it all the way up, we turn around and go back down. I know for sure that maybe in two or three months, I won't need the wheelchair anymore and I'll be able to move around more independently. Up to now, I've been totally confined here. When my husband went to work, I had to decide in the morning whether to stay upstairs or downstairs."

When my husband went to work, I had to decide in the morning whether to stay upstairs or downstairs.

 - Barbara (68)

The Mocker family was looking for an alternative to a stairlift

Despite the fact that the health insurance company subsidizes 4,000 euros, the Mocker family decided against the more expensive stairlift. However, there are not only financial reasons behind this decision. Both find that the TOPRO Step stair climber is better than a stairlift in many ways. Of course, it always depends on the condition of the joints, the diagnosis and the age - they both agree on that. But more movement speeds up the physical and mental recovery process.

Barbara was looking for an alternative to a stairlift and happened to come across the TOPRO Step stair climber while researching online. After watching a video of the stair climber, she was convinced that this aid was just right for her. Her husband Rudi was also enthusiastic and so they contacted our sales partner and their health insurance company at the same time.

Health insurance company has approved TOPRO Step

Rudi informed the health insurance company about the stair climber and, after the assessment by the administrator, nothing stood in the way of the installation. The TOPRO Step was covered by the health insurance company and shortly afterwards the stair climber was installed in Barbara's home.

The first test run

Barbara talks enthusiastically about her first trial run:

"Trying it out for the first time was good. I was pleasantly surprised and got all the way to the top. When I go down, I have to be a bit careful how I place my foot on the step correctly. It's a good alternative to the stairlift because it trains your muscles - from your back to your legs, in fact everything. And you practise keeping your balance. The device is also safe and you have confidence in the TOPRO Step."

Barbara also has a knee prosthesis in her other knee, which will have to be replaced at some point. However, Barbara is currently critical of another operation and is concentrating on her recovery since the last operation in February 2018. In this short time, she has already made so much progress that she can walk with the support of walking aids and the TOPRO Step. This was unthinkable for her in recent years.

"It depends on your age and your mindset. And I don't feel so old yet that I say 'Man, I'm getting old'. I used to be on the road and working all the time. It was a shock for me when I suddenly found myself sitting here - I cried for days. My husband had to do everything, I couldn't do anything, not even stand. I could only watch. I was totally unhappy with myself."

You can grow old with a device like this.

 - Barbara (68)

Both Barbara and Rudi are happy to have the TOPRO Step stair climber as a support for stair training at home and can only recommend it to others. Barbara explains:

"The advantages are that the muscles are built up and later you no longer have to rely on outside help. If you have an electric stair climber or a stairlift, nothing happens. With a device like the TOPRO Step, you can grow old. It also looks great! It doesn't get in the way and is almost like a second handrail."

TOPRO Step stair climber

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