Andrea Elisabeth and her husband can continue to live within their own four walls - thanks to the TOPRO Step stair climbing aid


Andrea Elisabeth suffers from neuropathy and climbing stairs became difficult for her. However, a stairlift was not an option for her. She would like to continue using her legs. With the TOPRO Step stair climbing aid, she can continue to live in the house that she and her husband built together in Trondheim in 1984.

Andrea Elisabeth tells us her story here

They would like to continue living in the house they built together

Andrea Elisabeth and her husband Tore Andreas live together in the house they built in Trondheim in 1984. They have spent most of their lives there. Fifteen years ago, they considered buying an apartment instead, but decided to stay in their house.

"If you can climb the stairs, it's okay, because everything we need and use is on this level, so we're quite happy with it."

Diagnosis of neuropathy

One day, Andrea Elisabeth began to lose the feeling in her legs. When someone touched her feet, she could no longer feel them. The diagnosis was neuropathy.

"She had a lot of trouble climbing stairs. She was almost hanging over the banister and pulling herself up."

"That was the big problem. You're afraid to climb the stairs."

When her occupational therapist came to her home to look at options for adapting her living space, she asked about ways to make the stairs accessible to her again.

Many people buy a stairlift as soon as it becomes difficult to move between floors, but Andrea Elisabeth didn't want to. She was looking for an alternative to a stairlift.

"That's going too far. I want to use my legs as much as possible."

Andrea Elisabeth and her husband

Stay active

Staying active is important to her and exercise is important to maintain walking function.

Andrea Elisabeth attends a training group with a physiotherapist 2-3 times a week to stay mobile and agile. It's fun, enjoyable and valuable. The ladies feel so comfortable that they also meet privately once a month just to enjoy the time together.

Andrea Elisabeth received the TOPRO Step stair climbing aid from the Norwegian Assistive Technology Center She remembers reading about the TOPRO Step stair climbing aid in a magazine and asking whether it was an alternative to a stair lift. The occupational therapist then arranged a trial run with the TOPRO Step and helped her apply for support through the NAV Assistant Center in Norway. Shortly afterwards, she had the stair climber at home and has now been using it for a year.

"It's so easy now! And if you still had to hang over the railing, you'd probably feel it in your back sooner or later," says Tore Andreas.

"Yes, and in the hips, shoulders and whatnot," replies Andrea Elisabeth.

"It probably also helped that you, as an engineer, looked at the TOPRO Step and thought it looked good - and you even use it yourself."

"Yes, it is made of high-quality materials and components and is well suited as a stair railing for those who can still climb stairs well."

I think this is a solution that we will have for many, many years.

 - Andrea Elisabeth

Create new memories

You have been married for 52 years and have many good memories of the previous time. However, it is important to create new memories too. When Tore Andreas goes hiking, they find ways and means for Andrea Elisabeth to be part of it too. Although the neuropathy makes it difficult for her to walk.

She is out and about on the forest paths on her four-wheeler and then they meet up here and there. Then they stop and wait for each other before moving on. This way they can experience nature together.

It cannot be stopped by neuropathy. And with a few aids and adaptations that make everyday life easier, this is possible.

"With my walking frame, which helps me to walk, I can dash from one side of the house to the other in no time at all."

Andrea Elisabeth and her husband 2

This is neuropathy

Neuropathy is not a disease in itself, but a collective term for a number of diseases that occur due to damage or irritation of peripheral nerves (not the brain and spinal cord as in MS).

The symptoms vary depending on which nerves are affected. You may experience sensory disturbances, burning, stabbing or radiating pain, paralysis, muscle twitching, sensitivity to touch or, if the nerve fibers are completely destroyed, numbness.

Treatment focuses on discovering what the underlying cause is and treating it. If the underlying cause can be cured, the affected nerves usually recover, but the course is usually long-term. Many people use physiotherapy as part of their treatment to maintain optimal function and muscle strength and to relieve pain and other symptoms.

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TOPRO Step is designed so that it can be easily adapted to your staircase. It can be installed on straight stairs, curved stairs and stairs with a landing.

Fits perfectly in any home

Ask your health insurance company about the possibility of cost coverage or possible subsidies. Please note that these options are country-specific and individual.

Up to 5 years warranty

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